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About soccer-corner

The idea of developing a soccer directory came in the spring of 2002. Sjoerd Oostendorp and Dennis Woudt and yours truly - colleagues at the dutch web development agency i-magic (now known as Sixtyseven) started their own company, pup-i web concepts, to develop our own websites in our spare time.

We all shared a passion for football which let to the idea of developing a resource of soccer links. At the end of December 2002 we had our first websites listed and now on October 21 we have a total of 1614 categories and 5152 links online with still plenty of room to expand.

In 2005 Sjoerd Oostendorp decided to quit because he didn't feel he could make a great contributions in the (little) spare time he had. Dennis and I continued maintaining soccer-corner and decided to work on an all around sports guide called Pediro.

In 2007 Dennis and I decided to split things up, he is now working on a new blog dedicated to soccer kits on with his new founded company Travenue and I continued working on

And now in July of 2009, right before the new football season is about to kick off, has finally gotten it's well deserved re-design and it's not only the visual design that has been upgraded, it has been re-programmed from scratch using the new ASP.Net MVC framework.

I hope that in the near future will not only give you a great resource on football related websites but will also bring you more original football related content. Stay Tuned.

Marien Brethouwer

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